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Directions: Over the next week, answer ONE (1) of the following questions. Each response needs to be a paragraph in length. Remember that a paragraph includes an introductory sentence, and a concluding sentence. There needs to be 5 or more sentences in between with supporting details and evidence. Spelling and punctuation count.

1. Friar Laurence warns Romeo to move “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” Identify at least 2 incidents in which Romeo and/or Juliet move too quickly or act too rashly. Analyze each incident and how their haste could work against them. How could they have acted differently?

2. Based on events in Acts I and II, discuss and analyze at least 2 conflicts that could contribute to the tragic ending.

3. Choose one of the major characters in this play and analyze their personality. Don’t just describe it; discuss how it contributes to the story and how it affects other characters.

4. So far, this play has only taken place in a 24-hour span of time. This is meant to contribute to the unrealistic aspect of the play. Choose and analyze at least 2 parts of the play so far that seem particularly unbelievable.

5. There are unrealistic aspects of this play BUT there are many parts of the story that are believable. So, on the contrary, choose and analyze at least 2 parts of the play so far that seem very realistic.