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Chapter 3 Journal Response Questions

Directions:   Choose 1 of the questions below and write a response.  Each response needs to be a paragraph in length, or 5 plus sentences.  Remember that a paragraph consists of an opening or introductory sentence, a concluding sentence, and the middle sentences contain the details and proof of your point.  Spelling and grammar count.  Make sure to properly quote material by enclosing excerpts from the text in quotation marks.

  1. At one point, George describes playing jokes on Lenny but then he stopped. Why did he stop? What did we learn about the loyalty in George and Lennie’s relationship? How does George feel about what he did to Lennie?  (pg. 40)

2. What are Carlson’s reasons for shooting Candy’s dog?  What are Candy’s reasons for not shooting the dog?  In what ways is Candy like his dog?  Why should Candy have shot his dog instead of letting Carlson do it? Do you agree? Explain.  (pg. 61)

3.  Discuss the simplicity of George and Lenny’s dream. What role does the dream of “livin’ off the fatta the lan’” play in Chapter 3?  How does the dream affect the characters?  What mood does it create in this scene?  Why is that important? (hint – think about what else happens in the chapter)  (pg. 56-61)

4. Discuss the power relationship between Slim and Curley. What do their fights seem to result in? Why? What does this exchange reveal about these characters?