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Act 4 Journal Response Questions

Directions: Over the next week, answer THREE (3) of the following questions. Each response needs to be a paragraph in length. Remember that a paragraph includes an introductory sentence, and a concluding sentence. There needs to be 3-5 or more sentences in between with supporting details and evidence. Spelling and punctuation count.  Make sure to properly quote material by enclosing excerpts from the text in quotation marks.

  1. PARAPHRASE the four reactions to Juliet’s death.

2. In your opinion, who seems the most devastated? Explain.

3. Whose reaction seems the most hysterical? Why?

4.  Whose reaction seems the least emotional? Why?

5. Give an example of a couplet in this reading.

6.  Capulet speaks of death as alive. Give three ways in which Shakespeare “allows” death to be human.

7.  Paris speaks of death as alive. Give two examples and give the literary device Shakespeare is using.

8.  How are the first lines spoken by Paris and by Capulet similar?

9.  How are Lady Capulet’s and the nurse’s reactions similar?

10.  Find an example of alliteration in the passage.

11.   Are there any similes or metaphors at all in this passage? If so, give them.