Directions: Over the next week, answer one (1) of the following questions. Each response needs to be a paragraph in length. Remember that a paragraph includes an introductory sentence, and a concluding sentence. There needs to be 3-5 or more sentences in between with supporting details and evidence. Spelling and punctuation count. Make sure to properly quote material by enclosing excerpts from the text in quotation marks.

Christopher tells the mystery of Wellington’s death and the story about the emotional faces from his point of view. Because this is a mystery novel, we know that there are gaps of information that are missing. In your responses focus on the importance of viewpoint in this text.

1. Why does Christopher only tell the story from his point of view? What gaps in information do you think exist because he told the story from his point of view? What information do you think Mrs. Shears or Siobhan would have included if the story was told from either of their points of view?

2. Given Christopher’s aversion to being touched, can he experience his parents’ love for him, or can he only understand it as a fact because they tell him they love him? Is there any evidence in the novel that he experiences a sense of attachment to other people?

3. One of the unusual aspects of the novel is its inclusion of many maps and diagrams. How effective are these in helping the reader see the world through Christopher’s eyes?